Let’s Talk Gem and Jewelry with Itoro Okon

Jewelry Inspiration

by Adeola Osifeko | | 0 comments

No doubt, Nigerians are contributing to global narratives, defining style and fashion trends in today’s fashion industry. We are also leaving impressions in the pages of history through our works. Jewelry by Itoro Okon is no exception and we continue to act as cheerleaders when we artistically craft unique handmade jewelry with love and care while making people feel happy and confident about themselves.

We are inspired by Africa’s antiquities, stoic culture and innovations as we combine indigenous and contemporary materials to create a personae that is consistent with our clientele's style everyday and in every way.

“We also make out time to interpret individual panache in the most modest patterns when creating costume jewelry which are indispensable components of a party/wedding ensemble that brings out beauty and grace in a luxurious manner without drudge efforts”.

Let’s celebrate moments with you today, this week and in the month of April. Make us your choicest option!

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